The Empress

King Wisdom

Elyse Sadler, Co-host of the Milky Balls Podcast, is a sensual, passionate, and seductive soul that brings her unconventional  perceptions to the show.


“We should be able to communicate and discuss sex with one another just as easy as we do other things. Sex is a vital part of our existence and there are so many levels of it that should be explored and practiced to help us be more connected to it” -Elyse


Elyse aka "The Empress" encourages and invites people to be the change they want to see. So much knowledge and life lessons can be learned through conversation. If we can learn to remain open to the perspectives of others and look introspectively, its possible that we can take that information and apply it to enrich our own lives.


“It all starts with a conversation! You have to be the change that you want to see”



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Marlon Mack, co-creator and brand director of the Milky Balls Podcast, is a southern gentleman, erotic poet, entertainer and lust doctor.  


Marlon aka "King Wisdom" is noted for his smooth demeanor and way with words.  His tone, open-minded nature, and sensual mindset provide a genuine a fresh introspective from the mind of a man.


In 2019, Marlon was a featured poetic performer on the 12th Annual Capital Jazz Cruise, and is a feature poet/member of The S.E.X Show (


 A man of many gifts, and even more words, feel free to wander within the mind of this southern gentleman..



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