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“Cum and Talk To Me”! I really want to meet you girl, I really want to know your name, likes, turn-ons, erogenous zones and the things that will put you on that Jodeci level of Feenin’.


Real talk for real results. Ladies, the men are here to listen first, then speak your orgasms into existence. Licks, grips, tricks as toys...It’s more than penetration, so let’s talk freely and openly about the connection. 

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby...Let’s Talk About You and Me....NOW...Let’s talk about the things we don’t understand such as porn desires, unspoken fetishes, bucket lists / fuckit lists and everything in between.


From the mind of a man and woman, we dig a little deeper into the communication issues that arise when being honest with your desires. Stop Lyon (Lying) for the Cookie and get some Milk, or have some balls. It’s time to have some real talk.

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