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“Lookin’ at my rollie and I think it’s almost time”...This week we hold no punches. It’s all about the bedroom. The lead up, the conversation, the flirtation, the foreplay, the roleplay, the toys, the soft, the hard, the lovemaking, the f#cking, the bdsm, the good, the bad and the nasty. Tonight will be one of those nights. There’s a meeting in our bedroom, so don’t be late!!!

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Are you a “Ride or Die”, or just “Dying to Ride”??? All relationships and potential partnerships cultivate circumstances and decisions that have to be made...BUT...are you WILLING TO LOVE, or DESPERATE FOR LOVE??? Finding the right one is no certain path, so what are you doing to create the right atmosphere for success? What should a man focus on and what should women know in these days of love and war...Tune in tonight as we have that #milkyballspodcast conversation.

Who can I run share this empty space??? Who can I run to when I need love, advice, to vent, to flirt, to f#ck, but most importantly, to Escape!!! Some run to the heels from which cometh their help, some run...their mouths to anyone willing to listen. Is your vibe strong cuz your tribe strong??? Or is your vibe wrong cuz your excuses long??? We talk the pros and cons of inviting others into your life of like, love and everything in between. 


We know, we know...”Hoes be winning, right??? Some would actually say that these so-called hoes be listening, cooking, laughing, cuddling, supporting, encouraging, compromising, netflix and chilling, and when it comes to sex they’re always willing! You can turn a hoe into a housewife, it just matters what your definition of “hoe” is. “Petty Woman vs. Pretty Woman” is TONIGHT’S episode...So tune in, join in and prepare to be milked.

When it comes to finding love and the right one...Are you keeping it real or keeping up with the Jones’s? Do you make the rules or are you ruled by societal standards and social media popularity? For those in love, how deep is your love?


Do you often feel oppressed and your words suppressed? Does she/he listen? Are you bored with the life you live in and around your partner? Yes, it’s #popcorntalk tonight so come ready to chime in and hear the real...

“Cum and Talk To Me”! I really want to meet you girl, I really want to know your name, likes, turn-ons, erogenous zones and the things that will put you on that Jodeci level of Feenin’.


Real talk for real results. Ladies, the men are here to listen first, then speak your orgasms into existence. Licks, grips, tricks as toys...It’s more than penetration, so let’s talk freely and openly about the connection. 

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