This Week's Events

Sun, Jan 26
Sage Restaurant and Lounge
Jan 26, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Sage Restaurant and Lounge, 505 E 6th St, Charlotte, NC 28202, USA
This Sunday, my favorite girl in the world and I, aka @milkyballspodcast will be your hosts for the “Morning After Brunch Sunday” lituation. We’re talking vibes, music, conversation and your chance to experience the Bottomless Mimosa and Brunch experience. Going down at Sage Restaurant!!!

This Week's Podcast Episode


Blurred Lines


I know you want it...But can we get past these “Blurred Lines”? Gender roles, communication, honesty, lies, eggshells, poppin’ off, love, lust, like, disgust, dislike. The emotional roller coaster of relationships can leave things a little blurry. It’s time for that 20/20 vision as the #MilkyBallsPodcast brings you the real and nothing less. DM or inbox us your scenarios and we’ll “dive in” deeper than a Trey Songz track. It’s almost that time to be milked. #milkyballspodcast #podcast #dopeblackpods #podcastmovement #kevinhart4real #lolnetwork #singles #couples #radio #realtalk

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Our "Milky Balls" Podcast features a unique introspective on the multiple dynamics of love, lust, relationships and everything in between.  These notable personalities are known for their way with words, as well as their ability to create an atmosphere for new perspectives and understanding.
Join entertainer and host Elyse Sadler (The Empress), as well as erotic poet and entertainer Marlon Mack (King Wisdom) aka The Erotic Wordsmith as they cultivate deep conversations and drop jewels on current events, news, and the intricacies of societal norms and extremes.
Don't spill the milk...have some balls and join us!!!

January Podcast Episodes

Shallow Pal

“I want a partner who always keeps it real!” ::insert partner keeping it real:: “Why would you say that? You should love me unconditionally!” And here lies the subtle truth...There is a thin line between being honest and being shallow. Based on insecurities they are one in the same. What are your limits? Are you honest with yourself or do you redirect your insecurities on others. It’s time for real talk. #milkyballspodcast #realtalk #couples #singles #charlottepodcast #blackpodcasts

The X Factor

“This could all be so simple, be we rather make it hard” to communicate, compromise, understand, love, f#ck, desire, cater and create a place of security for our partner. WHY you ask??? Tune in tonight for your favorite podcast as @elyse_sadler and @theeroticwordsmith break down the “X” factors in successful and/or failed relationships and partnerships. Prepare to be milked. #podcast #blackpodcast #podcastmovement #charlottepodcast #radio #milkyballspodcast #realtalk #singles #couples #truth #honesty #marsandvenus

Meeting In My Bedroom Pt. 2

We turn up the heat and dig into the taboo! Meeting in my Bedroom PT.2 is here. We open the doors of the bedroom and speak on the importance of trust, intimacy, toys, foreplay,self-pleasure, spontaneity, and more. Tune in tonight as we have that #milkyballspodcast conversation. #realtalk #blackpodcast #dopeblackpodcast #singles #couples #sextalk #relationshiptalk #popcorntalk #talkradio #charlottenc #charlottepodcasts

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